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Introduction video click to play

Text tutorial

Refresh network settings

Clinical video

Dispensing video

Recall Marketing videos

Bookkeeping video

Stock control


Lens ordering


video overview

video 1 make appointment

video  mail overview

video 1 invoices overview

video stock overview

video banking

use upload to Internet from inside the dispensing card.

video profit reporting

video 1  history

video 2 .video 3 

video 4 video 5  

video  mail overview

video 2 set due date

video reorder stock

video1 video2 sundry cash register

video1 video2 video3 lens ordering


video 2  enter view specs Rx's

video  warranty settings

video  overview

video 3 view stock entry

video consignment stock


video 3  enter view contact lens Rx's

video  bulk billing

video recall defaults

video 4 date trouble shooting

video $ invested in stock

video banking defaults


video 4  Pd

video overview

video  bulk mailing

video 5 supplier key short cuts

video print parcel labels

video payment defaults


video 5  clinical record card set-up

video screen sizing

video  mailing statistics

video 6 invoice number


video 6 clinical record card usage

video  dispense stock

video  recall response

video 7 invoice total


video 7 

video sundry till

video  write a letter

video 8 trial total


video 8 attach picture

video dispensing flow

video multi language program 

video 9 new invoice entering


video 9  create new clinical card

video dispensing till

video recall patients

video 10 find existing invoice


video 10 add unique card

video clear search

referral info  research patient needs

video 11 trial totals


video 11 results/findings individual visit

video find a patent

referral default setting for patient research

video 12 stock types


video 12 results/findings all visits

video set US/Australian dates


video 13 expense types


video 13 print Rx

video find patient's job


video 14 find previously used stock


video 14

video narrow patient search


video 15 new stock line


video 15 set recall

new patient enter new patient


video 16 pay suppliers


video 16

video due job tracking


video 17 due supplier list


video 17 referral

video make new job card


video 18 book keeping account


video 18 help functions

video print business cards


video 19 cheque number


video 19 print Rx

video  medicare number


video 20 payment amount


video 20 Rx form advanced

video print pricetags


video 21 update payment records


video user defaults


video 22 select payments


video bulk contact lens ordering


video 23 exclude payments


video set recalls


video 24 product groups


video membership number


video 25 change product groups


video 26 selective viewing of stock


video health fund defauts


video 27 select summary of products


video salutation defaults


video 28 show only in-stock items


video change town defaults


video  book keeping and reports


video owner defaults


video  expenses


video videos won't play


video 31 $ invested in stock