Our tutorials are based on our highly succesful mail-out tutorials.

To ensure that you are using I-Lite correctly, new users must read these tutorials.

If your topic is not covered, please email I-Optic Computing Support with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible

I-lite is installed and configured with the help of these tutorials.

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Using I-Lite for the first time, learn how to customise I-Lite for your practice. I-lite installation and customisation.
Design your headers and enter a patient for the first time. Set-up the paper header-advanced. Enter a patient / find a patient.
After entering your patients enter their prescriptions and organise your recall letters. Arranging what letters to send your customers and where to locate them.
Prepare the letters for your customers and find the letters that are ready for printing. Start to enter your stock. Mail recall letters and marketing. Set up your stock database.
Entering and paying for your stock invoices. Enter a stock invoice from a supplier. The quick and simple method.
Now that your stock is entered learn how to sell your stock using I-Lite and do your first banking. Sell frames / lenses / print receipts / do your first banking.
Learn to backup your data before you lose all your important data. Backup your patient data.
Enter your bookkeeping details and enter your expenses. Bookkeeping and entering first expenses.
Working out your GST tax issues. Tax issues.